Tips for Dealing with Car Sickness

How to Prevent Motion Sickness in a Car

For anyone who has experienced car sickness will know just how easily it can ruin the day. All it takes is some windy roads and sitting in the back seat of a car to trigger motion sickness in many people. Even though it’s not always preventable, there are some ways on how to handle it.

What is car sickness?

Quite simply, it is motion sickness that is triggered by riding in a car. Motion sickness results when your brain gets contradictory information from your eyes, your inner ears, and even some of your nerves. Your inner ear, for example, may detect the movements of the car you’re in, while your eyes are fixed on something stable, such as a book. The result is nausea, fatigue, and possibly vomiting.

Preventing Car Sickness

If riding in a car is impossible, there are steps you can take to limit the effects of car sickness.

  • Drive or ride up front – Driving (if of age) can help to distract the mind and prevent triggering motion sickness. Riding in the front passenger seat helps to feel less of the car’s motion, reducing the chances of getting car sick.
  • Find the horizon line – Focusing on a far away, distant object, such as the horizon, can help stabilize an uneasy stomach. Reading, looking at a phone, or staring at the floor mat can worsen the effects of car sickness.
  • Relax – Try to keep your head still and close your eyes. It’s a good idea to distract yourself with calming music or the soothing scent of lavender oil.
  • Eat something plain – There are certain drinks and food items that can calm an upset stomach, including ginger ale, flavored lozenges, dry saltines, plain bread, and water. Try to avoid consuming heavy, greasy, or spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol before a long ride.

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