How to Survive Allergy Season

Tips to Combat Allergies

Spring is here and all the beauty that comes with it: flowers, fresh air, warmer temperatures, and longer days. What’s not to love? Well, allergies! If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you will know how debilitating it can be. While you may feel like you can’t enjoy the spring weather with pollen and other allergens floating in the air, these tips can help you get through the sneezes and sniffles!

  • Shower in the evening

When you’re out and about during the day, your clothing, shoes, and hair get covered in grass and pollen spores. If you shower at night, you are washing away all of those pesky irritants and not introducing them into your personal space (bedding, couch, etc.).

  • Take off your shoes at the door

As mentioned above, your shoes get covered in allergens when you go outside. Prevent bringing allergens inside by removing your shoes outside the door and not bringing them into the closet or bedroom.

  • Workout inside

Check pollen counts in the morning and try to spend as little amount of time outside as possible. This may mean trading your daily neighborhood stroll or outdoor exercise class for the treadmill at a gym or an exercise DVD in your living room.

  • Try anti-inflammatory herbs

Herbs have been known to fight inflammation in infected tissues like the nasal passage in Chinese herbal medicine. Aim to incorporate these herbs into your daily diet: bromelain, olive leaf extract, and turmeric.

  • Include more spices in your diet

Clear out your nasal passage by adding more spicy foods to your diet. Cayenne pepper, horseradish, and hot sauce are easy to add to any meal to ramp up the spice and flavor.

 These tips should help you survive allergy season! For reliable insurance policies that protect your finances, visit Falco and Associates today.