Steps to Foster Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Ideas 

Companies today are making strikes at prioritizing health in the workplace – from conquering sniffles and sneezes to reducing aches and pains to encouraging good mental health. By emphasizing workplace wellness, companies can reduce the time employees are absent and increase employee retention. While business insurance in Royersford, PA can help to protect your business and team, check out these ways to create a healthy work environment. 

Design the office with workplace wellness in mind.

Evaluate the ergonomics of the current workplace. Employees spend a great deal of time at their desks and in the workplace, so it’s worth ensuring that it isn’t hindering their health. Provide ergonomic chairs and keyboards, and adjustable height desks and monitor stands. Encourage your team to stand up rather than sit down by offering stand up desks.

Stock the break room with healthy snacks.

A healthy diet is an important first step toward a strong immune system and lethargy. It’s no secret that nutrition can contribute to weight gain and fatigue. With that in mind, get rid of all the junk food, processed food, and sugary beverages in the employee kitchen. Replace them with trail mix, granola bars, fresh fruit, and plenty of clean water.

Fight the flu.

The flu and common cold, especially when working in close quarters, can have a domino effect in the workplace – taking down worker after worker. Be sure that you have the supplies for employees to protect themselves should a visitor or employee come into the office ill. Provide antibacterial hand wash and wipes so that surfaces like handles and computers can be wiped down.

Promoting wellness in the workplace should be a cohesive and collaborative effort. Ensure you, as the business owner, lead by example. While you focus on improving your team and bettering your business, let the experts at Falco and Associates handle your business insurance needs. Contact us today to get started on a tailored policy.