There are many different businesses and organizations out there and each one is a little different than the rest. Just because your business doesn’t fall into a specific category doesn’t mean that we can’t provide you with a top-notch insurance policy that will protect you from accident, injury or disaster. We will put together a policy that may utilize any or all of the following insurance types:

  • General Liability Insurance – If someone is injured or their personal possessions damaged while they are on your property or receiving services from your company, you are liable for the costs incurred. A general liability insurance policy covers you in these cases and can prevent you from paying out of pocket for these costs.
  • Professional Liability – This type of liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, it covers the financial implications that you could incur from improperly rendered service or necessary service you fail to provide.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Your building or office was expensive to purchase and that equipment you use every day has a cost attached to it as well. As such, a fire, flood or other disaster could spell disaster for your business. Commercial property insurance will help you recoup your investment if one of these incidents happed to occur.
  • Other Coverage – The coverage you need may be quite different from another business owner’s is. Don’t just settle for an “off the shelf” coverage package. We carry many different types of insurance and will help you build a policy that is customized just for you.

Falco and Associates of Limerick, PA is dedicated to providing insurance for business owners in Limerick, Pottstown, King of Prussia Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. Call or contact us and let us help you determine what coverage you need for your business today!