Insurance Agency in Limerick, PA

Secure Your Belongings, Business, Finances, and Family with Insurance in Limerick, PA

When looking to protect your assets in the best way possible, you may think that risk assessments and damage control will have you covered. While it may – somewhat – help to protect your belongings, finances, and everything you have built from the ground up, it is important to consider insurance agency in Limerick, PA too. Insurance is there to protect your finances and assets in the event of a disaster or accident. If you aren’t adequately insured, a simple incident could leave you in financial ruin. You need insurance to protect your life, your ability to earn income, and keep a roof over your head.

You can insure almost anything under the sun, but certain things need to be properly insured. This typically includes your life, health, and property. At Falco and Associates, we offer the following coverages:

  • Personal Insurance

    • Home
    • Auto
    • Motorcycle
    • RV
    • Boat
    • Umbrella coverage
  • Business Insurance

    • Bar and tavern
    • Contractors
    • Restaurants
    • Commercial auto
    • Condo association
    • Office
    • Technology
    • And more!
  • Life and Health

If you are not sure which policy you need for your situation, talk to the professionals at Falco and Associates who can help. When it comes to selecting a policy, our agents take the time to learn your risks, know your budget, and understand what coverage you desire. To us, one policy does not fit all, which is why we tailor protection to meet your needs and budget. Once we work our magic, you can feel rest assured that you have quality insurance in Limerick, PA that you can rely on!

Are you ready to get started? Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated agents to talk through the right coverage you need for your business, boat, health or home! Call our Limerick office at 610-495-8840 today.