Commercial Auto

If you drive or operate a vehicle as a course of doing business, commercial auto coverage is a very important addition to your selection of insurance. Just like your personal automobile, it is important to have adequate coverage on a company vehicle not just to protect yourself financially, but because there are often state or local mandates requiring insurance.

One thing to remember is that commercial auto insurance is not a set product. Your insurance agent will sit down with you and discuss your needs to put together a policy that will protect you from any number of incidents that could occur—plus make sure your policy meets those mandated requirements.

Some types of insurance that may be included under the umbrella of commercial auto insurance include:

  • Liability – This pays for damages or injuries caused to another person, vehicle or property in an at-fault accident. This is what is often required by law.
  • Collision – Collision insurance pays for damage to the company owned vehicle as the result of an at-fault accident.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive coverage covers damages that are caused by something other than a car accident. This could include theft, fire or natural disaster.
  • Medical Payments – If you or an employee was injured in an at-fault accident, a medical payments policy would reimburse medical costs.
  • Uninsured Driver Coverage – If you are hit by another driver and the accident was their fault, their insurance would pay for your damages. What if this driver was uninsured or underinsured? This policy protects you in case of this unfortunate incident.

Falco and Associates understand the needs of businesses for a high-quality but affordable commercial auto insurance policy. If your business is located in Limerick, Pottstown, King of Prussia or Philadelphia, PA, or the general area, call us today for help getting your policy in order.